How comes that plastic surgery is geting more and more people everyday

Peoples these days are not happy with how they are created or how beautiful they are. They want to change their body parts to make them more attractive, but they never think about what they are doing or what they are losing. Every one of us is created by god hand, and we need to be proud of how we are. There are no ugly peoples because every one of us is beautiful in their way, but some of us decide to change their body, and this is offered by some doctors that make plastic surgeries. Plastic surgeries are getting more and more famous every day by attracting more peoples every day. Someone doesn’t like his lips; someone doesn’t like his ears; someone doesn’t like his nose, someone else wants to change his cheeks to make them more beautiful. They decide to make the change and to start the surgery on their body part. After the surgery, everyone gets what it wants, and they like the modify of their body parts. This is the reason why plastic surgery is getting more famous every day, and in this way, everyone wants to change at least something on their body. So if you don’t like something on your body, the plastic surgery allows you to make it beautiful or to modify it in your way. Want to try it, change your body parts at a high price.
In this photo gallery, you will see some peoples how was before plastic surgery and how they are now.

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