Influence That Social Media has in Our Life

A popular topic or not?! When we mention social media, the first thing that goes on, our mind is Instagram, Facebook, Selfie, Friends, Chat, etc. But why this happens and how these social media become famous in a short time? How these social media are influencing our lives, and is this a good thing or not?! Let’s start with a little history. The first social media were created in 1997, and its name was sixteen degrees or something like that. After that, social media came to the most popular social media called Facebook, and it made a massive change in the lives of everyone. The combine of smartphones and iPhones catches the top of success. Social media and mobiles make our life comfortable in some ways or not?! They allow us to talk with our family or with our friends across the world for free. They make our life easy because through them we learn news and new things that have happened for a short time. And too many good things that have affected our lives. But let’s take a look at the other side of this influence. First of all, we are spending too much money on buying a new mobile that can keep all social media and can process them faster. Secondly, we are spending too much time with these called “Social Media,” and we are letting go of the most critical moments of our lives. Thirdly, we forget the dear peoples that are around us because we have time only for social media, and in a moment when these social media have a problem, peoples start making like crazy. And how much will this affect people’s life?! I hope that you are reading this and hope you are looking at the next pages because we are sure that you will make the difference in the influence of these social media.

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